Classic Photobooth Rental

What is the Classic Photobooth ?

A modern twist on the original. Step into the enclosed booth with a half curtain for privacy, and an interior screen featuring a countdown for that perfect pose. Our Modern enclosed classic photobooth makes every snapshot a cherished memory!

How it works?

Classic Photobooth’s operating is as simple as 1-2-3! Step inside the enclosed booth, draw the half curtain for privacy, and face the interior screen. The countdown begins, allowing you to strike the perfect pose, and voila!
In seconds, your high-quality, instant print awaits. Our Classic Photobooth let the magic unfold with each click!

Classic Snap –  Your Timeless Classic Photobooth Magic!

Our classic photobooth experience is here to redefine your celebration, capturing timeless moments in Chicago and beyond. Book now to add a touch of classic charm and create unforgettable memories at your event with our Classic Photobooth Rental services.

Classic Photobooth Rental