Mirror Booth Rental

What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

Step into enchantment with our 6-foot tall Mirror Booth Rental! Guests see themselves in full-length magic. Behind the two-way mirror, a captivating screen flashes animations and prompts, creating a magical mirror experience. The camera, discreetly placed, captures the magic through the mirror. Elevate your event with this unique touch of interactive enchantment! Book now!

Mirror Photobooth Rental
Mirror Booth Rental

Experience Mirror photobooth fun like never before with our Magical Mirror! As guests approach, vibrant animations and a friendly voice guide them through an interactive ‘selfie’ adventure, creating a magical moment and delivering a memorable photo keepsake. It’s more than a photobooth – it’s a magical journey, leaving you with a cherished photo keepsake to remember the moment!

  • Interactive Enchantment: Mirror Photobooths offer an interactive experience, turning selfies into magical moments.
  • Voice Guidance: Guests are greeted by a friendly voice, adding a touch of fun and guidance to their photo session.
  • Captivating Animations: Colorful and lively animations on the mirror’s screen engage users throughout their photo-taking adventure.
  • Full-Length Reflection: Standing at 6 feet tall, the full-length mirror allows guests to see themselves in all their glory, making it a unique and memorable experience.
Mirror Booth Rental
  • Hidden Camera Magic: The camera discreetly placed behind the two-way mirror captures candid and spontaneous shots, enhancing the element of surprise.
  • Instant Photo Keepsakes: Guests receive instant photo keepsakes, creating tangible memories to cherish long after the event.
  • Versatile Entertainment: Perfect for various events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, Mirror Photobooths add a touch of glamour and entertainment for everyone.